Yoga Post 1110 – Independence for a Yoga Student

There is a saying that the most valuable thing for a human being is Freedom or Independence. But, is that really true? Can you manage with independence without food? Or clothing and shelter? How about independence without water or air?

A Yoga student is a special being in an average society. To perform the Yoga studies, this special being definitely needs independence. What do you mean? Independence of eating vegetarian food, organic food, a quiet room or a non smoking environment? Oh yes, a Yoga student will like a clean bathroom and may be pure cotton clothes? Are these unreasonable requirements?

They are unreasonable when they are dependent on others. They are perfectly reasonable when they are not dependent on others. That is the real independence which a Yoga student should strive for.

In today’s world, everything depends on money. Therefore, a Yoga student should either earn or inherit his/her own money. Money is Power in today’s world. Without money, no one will listen to you. In fact, if you do not have sufficient money, people think you are a big fool.

Thus, to have the necessary or desired independence for today’s Yoga student, sufficient financial independence is must.


OM ShantiH.

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