Yoga Post 1108 – Applying statements from Yogic Scriptures to Daily Life

Those who get fascinated by the subject of Yoga are very interested in knowing more on this topic and applying the knowledge to their daily life. Generally, such persons start Yoga for Health and Fitness reasons, going through Yoga exercises and benefiting from them, and later getting interested in philosophical aspects, and therefore scriptures.

But, one has to be careful while applying the statements from scriptures to daily life. First, one has to understand the scriptures well along with the intention and factors described there. Then, one has to decide whether the statement in a given scripture is even applicable in one’s own case, and whether it is necessary to modify the practice to suit one’s own situation.

Let us look at the above argument using one simple example. The same logic shall applying various other cases. Let us consider the concept of “living in the moment”. This concept is very attractive. But, what is meant by living in the moment in the Yogic scriptures is possible only in the Yogic state called Samadhi. During this state, a Yogi’s mind is fully concentrated on a single object.

During the daily activities, one has to keep track of several things and the above Yogic concept does not really apply. In fact, with the above definition, one must NOT live in the moment in the daily life. However, many persons errorneously consider applying it to daily.

One may consider applying the above concept in a daily life something like this. One has a situation at hand. One must focus on things on hand more than future life for example. One would still remember also the past where knowledge can be drawn from. However, one should give less weightage to past and future as compared to the present situation at hand. One should deal with the things which are fact, rather than dig into past or imagine into future. ETC.

Applying the scriptural concept verbatim can result in dangerous outcomes.

OM ShantiH.

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