Yoga Post 1102 – Difficult to make Changes for Yoga Practice

Yoga practice deals with training the mind. Of course, it involves discipline and making change in one’s habits. When it comes to making changes, changing one’s old habits is hard as everyone knows. We know that the older the habit it is more difficult to change.

Habit is called Sanskaara in the Yoga Philosophy. When one action is repeated, especially with happiness or excitement of mind, it becomes part of one’s haibit. The more it is repeated, it becomes an Old Habit, called Sanskaara in the Yoga Philosophy.

When one decides to make a change in one’s habit, he/she may address that change externally. e.g. To become vegetarian, one may start eating vegetarian food. However, there are two sides to the old habits. The body side and the mental side. It is really the mental side that contains the Sanskaaras. Body side may be interpreted as the neurological memory or some such. It is relatively easy to address and discipline the body habit. But, when it comes to Mental habit. One has to struggle to change the Old Mental Habit.

Therefore, you will find that it is easy to understand and acknowledge the type of change one needs to make to Living in order to succeed in Yoga. However, it is hard to change the old habit, meaning disciplining the Mental side. In order to change the mental side, one has to make an appropriate plan. This plan involves two things. One, one has to attack from the Body side. And, then also attack from the Mental side. For example, suppose one wants to make a change in the Old Eating Habit. Then, one should avoid the places where the problematic food is available or is served. This is the Body side. To change the Mental side, one may do prayer each time food is eaten. Or, one may also go on regularly educating oneself about food using effective material. And, one may watch an inspiring Video on correct food while eating. This is changing the Mental side.

Sufficient Physical and Mental considerations will eventually root out the Old Habit.

OM ShantiH.

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