Yoga Post 1099 – Studentship of a given Teacher

It is obvious that one is a teacher and another one is a student. Generally, it is a student who has a desire to learn from the teacher, even though a teacher may learn from the student. But, the former is a must whereas the later is an optional thing.

When a student has accepted someone as a teacher, the student should behave like a student and the teacher should behave like a teacher. This means, a student should listen completely what the teacher has to say, contemplate on it, complete any necessary homework, and be submissive to the teacher. Whereas, the teacher should understand the background of a student, try to come to student’s level and pass on the knowledge. But the teacher must show an authority and not be submissive at all.

If the above relationship does not work out for some reason, for example it is found that the student knows more than the teacher or the student does not know the language of the teacher or the student does not want to be submissive, then the relationship of the student and teacher should be broken. It is similar to this weird example. I once had a girl student and her husband felt that he needs to have a sexual relation with one or more other ladies while still maintaining his husband-position with my student. To my shock, my student had agreed to this! Of course, this marriage went into a viral infection and was ultimately broken. I also had another student who had a similar situation, but she stood up opposing the situation, but she waited for 4 or more years to break the marriage. I think both these marriages should be broken after only a short deliberation, even though some people may frown the divorce event.

Once the student teacher relationship is accepted, the student and teacher status also should be accepted and followed. If such a status is not possible or acceptable, the relationship should be broken with a happy face. Whether to stay in friends relation after the breakup depends on the situation.

I observe in many classes, especially in the western countries that a yoga student comes to class as a visitor, or as a paid client, or in order to participate in or create a discussion group. This is a disaster! And, such incidences produce low quality students and low quality teachers, at the most if the relationship continues. Or, there is a loss of knowledge transfer possibility when the relationship breaks when it should have continued.

OM ShantiH.

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