Yoga Post 1098 – When things seem to go wrong for a Yoga Student

Some of the blogs posted in this website may apply to situations in general, but we are more concerned with Yoga practitioners.

When things seem to go wrong after various attempts, in the life of a person, the first thing they should do is to take a small break. I mean, they should preferably go away from the environment where the problems are being faced, at least for a short period. Take a couple of days or a little more break from the current environment and do not even think about solving any problems during that break.

After this they should choose a peaceful and energetic time to contemplate or think. But, the thinking should not be too exhaustive. It should be only reasonably long. During this contemplation, they might try the following steps:

– they should write down the problematic situation as it is factually. This should be as clear as possible.

– they should describe what they would like to be happy as far as modification in the current situation. They should try to come to specifics so that the goal or goals are specified in terms of amount or quality.

– now, they should state what problems are existing in the current environment to achieve the desired goal or goals.

– one should accept all the above items as the fact. And, start from there.

– then one should decide whether any solution or solutions (I methods, techniques, etc.) exist in order to solve the problems at hand and progress towards achieving the desired goal. One should be realistic while deciding this. One should not dream impossible things, though one may be optimistic.

– if no solutions are possible in the given environment, one must be willing to go to another environment.

– if one is confused, one should seek a guidance of an experienced and mature person, who does not have any Self Interest in the matter except your welfare.So many sources including online are available today.

But, after all, it is only You who can make your life beautiful.

OM ShantiH.

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