Yoga Post 1097 – Planning in far future

Some Yoga students try to plan for far future times. They feel it is something like saving money for future vacations and big house or retirement. The later is a planning for material things. Planning for future Yoga practice is not the same. One has to decide a doable good practice for a certain future time and follow it. This itself shows the further road. Then the road opens up as the practice continues. When the road is very clear and the practice is very stable, it is called Path of that student. If the path is correct, it leads one to the final goal that one has in mind.

A guidance of a really experienced person on one’s own path is extremely valuable. But, another mistake a student does is to seek guidance of a person on a different path. An experienced person is capable of removing the confusion and guide towards clearer practice or path.

But ultimately, one has to do one’s own practice, find one’s path, and trade one’s own path. And during this process very far futured planning does not work.

OM ShantiH.

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