Yoga Post 1096 – Simple but Difficult – Yoga!

We know this already, but many things that are supposed to be very good for us are really very simple. I mean simple to understand and also hopefully simple to follow. For example, we know that we should drink sufficient water, we should eat peacefully, we should take sufficient rest and we should have friendly relations to the extent we never feel lonely. Are not these very simple things? But, we find that so many persons find them, nay even impossible to follow them.This is because sufficient dedication or prioritization does not exist.

In Yoga too, things are not so difficult to understand. For example, one should exercise when one is rested, one should focus their attention during the yoga exercise. One should know one’s capacity and then exercise accordingly. One should know what one wants from exercise and then exercise accordingly. However, it is very difficult for most people to follow these criteria.

The result is that one does Yoga practice in a non-Yogic way.That is one performs non-Yoga in the name of Yoga!!!

OM ShantiH

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