Yoga Post 1093 – Yoga: Goal, Path, and Practice

In Yogic World, there are different rooms that contain different objects that different individuals want to obtain. And, there are different staircases, each one leading to one particular room.

Before doing the practice, one has to know what object one really really wants, called Goal. Then one has to find the staircase that leads to the room that has the object that he/she desires. This is called the Path of that individual. Later, one has to actually climb that staircase. This is called the real Yoga Practice.

When one climbs the staircases that do not lead to the objects that one does not desire, one has to retrace path and find another one, and repeat this process till the Path is found.

Thus, one should not falter in any of these: having a definite goal, finding the path, and climbing the Path.

OM ShantiH

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