Yoga Post 1094 – Type of Yoga Exercise

Some people think one day they will find a type of exercise that will satisfy all their needs. What they mean by this is there exists an exercise that exercises all faculties of body in an optimal way. Then, they make certain statements, e.g. Sun Salutations is the best exercise and it exercises all parts of the body.

But, that is actually an illusion. Body has innumerable parts. And, to exercise each part optimally, one needs three things: a) knowledge of all the body parts b) knowledge of current capacity of each of these body parts and c) the time to exercise each of these body parts optimally.

You can easily see the impossibility of their action and inaccuracy of their statement. Therefore, what one needs to do is: one should decide goal of their exercise, spend reasonable time in studying the exercises or take guidance from a great teacher, and actually do the exercise. After this, one should keep happy face and not worry too much about the exercise. If one is a teacher, one definitely needs more knowledge.

But, the most important thing is that one should do some other higher level creative thing that one desires using the benefits obtained from the exercise performed. For example, if one has obtained a great fitness from certain exercise performance, he/she should use that fitness for something higher or useful that one desires.

OM ShantiH.

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