Yoga Post 1092 – What about food for a Yoga student?

The consideration for food is very very important for a Yoga student. Because, a Yoga student is working on Body and Mind intensively. And, food directly contributes to the formation of the body and has tremendous influence on the mind.

However, the food necessary for achieving a strong body is not the same as that necessary for obtaining a serene mind. This distinction must be understood. Today’s Yoga student is often interested developing health and fitness, the later being the main goal. This development needs extremely nourishing food and also well balanced challenging exercise.

In the ancient times, a Yoga student is more concerned with meditative practices. This needs a light and sufficiently nourishing diet, called Sattvic diet. This diet shall not satisfy all the needs of the present day Yoga student.

One very important additional thing needs to be understood. In the ancient times, the environment, agriculture, and commercial interests were such that an average person shall get a relatively healthy and sufficient diet without knowing much about food and nutrition. However today, the coin is flipped and there is a great threat or challenge at every step for a person to get good food. Therefore, knowledge of food, food preparation, food harvesting, nutritional elements and metabolism is essential for today’s Yoga student. Reference to ancient scriptures alone shall not be sufficient.

OM ShantiH.

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