Yoga Post 1091 – Stages of Yoga Studentship

When we consider scholastic education, we know that one first goes to Primary School, then to Middle School, then to High School, then to Under-graduation, then to Graduation, then to Post Graduation, and finally one becomes a scientist one particular topic.Generally when one has reached Post Graduation, one is considered a Doctor of that particular topic.

Similarly, when one becomes a Yoga student, one is called established in Studentship when one is regularly practicing and studying Yoga for a prolonged time. A person who has done Yoga on and off for a couple of years is not an established Yoga student. When one becomes an established Yoga student, his real Yoga practice starts and then only there is a possibility of obtaining a genuine Yoga knowledge.

One may get 200, 500 or 10000 hour certifications in order to get jobs or recognitions, similar to getting the degrees of the schools for the purpose of professional career. However, unless one is established in the Yoga study, one does not get a genuine knowledge of Yoga.

OM ShantiH.

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