Yoga Post 1082 – Can you obtain Samadhi by studying sutras?

No. By studying sutras you will only understand what Samadhi means. That too, you will either understand what Samadhi means to the author of your read material or what Samadhi means to you from the study, or something in between. In order to get Samadhi, you will have to perform the practice that you formulate after the study is done.

In order to make great dishes, you may read recipes and memorise them. However, only when you make dishes seriously, you can dream of becoming a great chef.

Books such as sutras are semi-academic. They have some practical side. Whereas, it has some academic side. If the focus is given on the academic side alone, the practical side falters. Only rare ones can understand the theory fully and also excel in practice.

Therefore, one has to know one’s interest well. Only academic, only practice, or mixture. Spending all the time in academic study without any practice is kind of futile in the subject of Yoga. Because, theory of Yoga cannot fully be understood without sufficient practice. But, there is no doubt that for a sincere practitioner, the academic study gives tips leading to faster progress in the practice.

OM ShantiH

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