Yoga Post 1080 – Dedication!

We always hear about dedication in variety of fields. Eienstein is dedicated to Physics, Mother Teresa is dedicated to the service of the poor, and Yogi is supposed to be Dedicated to the Yoga practice.

sa tu diirghakaalanairantaryasatkaaraasevito drudhabhuumiH. … Yoga Sutras of Patanjali – 1.12

What is this? Dedication! Or, is it?

Actually, Dedication is not an appropriate terminology, in the least it is incomplete. Dedication is not possible in a field that one is not keenly interested in. Not only interested, but one must dearly like a given field/subject for the dedication to occur.

Therefore, it is necessary for each person to first find out what he/she really likes. After this, one must find the most liked thing if the number of liked things is more than one. One should also evaluate the effects of their liking in terms of good or bad. One should try to choose only a good thing that one likes most.

After this, one must remove all the obstacles that are in the way. But, this task is easier if the one chooses the thing of liking. And, then another obstacle may be to continue on the same path with determination.

In course of time, the crop will come. And, you will be called “Dedicated”!

OM ShantiH.

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