Yoga Post 1077 – What can one do when things seem to go wrong?

Many times, a Yoga Practitioner has to face the situation where things seem to go wrong. For example, a room for yoga studio is not available, sufficient number of students are not there, students are there but none of them wants to learn spirituality, it is impossible to get peaceful time for the practice, etc. One or more of these may exist at one single time.

Generally, a Yoga practitioner is a positive and enthusiastic person. He/she will try to find a solution and try to make things work. But at times, things look impossible. This can lead to frustration or even dejection. This does lead to reduction in progress and happiness.

In such a case, we shall find one of the following things exists: The cause for the failure is not khown. The reason is known but one is not directly working on the cause, instead putting more effort on other things. There are no alternatives kept that shall provide the solution. And, one is fearful of or unwilling to try the alternative.

All the above things should be looked into and a proper action should be taken. This way a good continuation can be decided without frustration. In fact, this is must in such situations in order to succeed.

OM ShantiH

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