Yoga Post 1076 – How to get a huge progress in Yoga practice?

All serious Yoga practitioners wish to have a profound Yoga practice and knowledge. This wish of theirs grows also along with their dissatisfaction as they find themselves lacking more and more in what they would like to possess.

If you look at a source of Ganges river you will find a very little flow of water at that place. Same with the Niagara Falls before it actually falls. However, you will notice that the flow of water is continuous. This is what is making them profound down the road.

If you do your practice, however small, but each and every single day, you will find that it is growing day by day in addition to accumulating the practice. You will be surprised to see where you have reached in just a few years. Do not worry about what practice others are doing. Just keep your own practice regular.

OM ShantiH.

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