Yoga Post 1075 – Energy Work

When you are a student of Yoga, naturally you come across various aspects of a human being such as body, breath, energy, mind, and soul. Therefore, your practice is also associated with all these layers in a way, but primarily on the layers that you directly focus you mind on. The real Yoga practice deals with the mind, so that will be transcended and the soul will be reached.

However, when one works primarily on energy or other aspects, that energy can be gained, stored or also given to others. Of course, mind is the agent that is controlling all these operations. When the mind is thus used for the energy work, its focus is moved to this work, thus leaving less energy for the meditational aspects. If one takes sufficient care such as taking sufficient rest, correct diet and proper energy, the energy is maintained or increased. If such care is not taken the energy is dissipated, without being regeneration.

The above situation of dissipation may lead to exhaustion and too much stress on the mind to continue its functions. If the mind falters, then the meditation falters also.

Thus, anyone who wants to do “Energy Work” where energy is given to others should know this fact. “Healing work” also is energy work. In general, one should act within one’s limits and continue one’s practices.

OM ShantiH.

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