Yoga Post 1072 – Advertising in Yoga Teaching

There is a confusion between Yoga, Yoga Practice and Yoga Teaching in many sincere circles. Yoga is a subject. Whereas, Yoga Practice is one’s own practice according to that subject matter. Yoga Practice is an individual practice and it is not a group practice at all, as far as the subject matter is concerned. One may actually perform Yoga Exercise in a group for various reasons, but the Yoga Practice itself is individual.

When it comes to Yoga Teaching, it is meant for imparting one’s own Yoga knowledge to another one or to a group, who are hopefully not possessing that knowledge. That means, in Yoga Teaching, only the subject matter is transferred. Yoga Practice cannot be transferred. One has to do the Yoga Practice oneself, whether alone or in a group.

In today’s world survival depends on income. Therefore, it is very likely that a person may adopt Yoga Teaching activity to make the necessary income. To make the income, one needs to advertise. Because, just like income, the customers get influenced by Advertisement. So, Advertisement is almost a must for Yoga Teaching.

Assuming that a particular Yoga Teacher is doing the Teaching only for transferring the subject matter and not for income, is there a necessity of Advertisement? Yes, it is. Because, there are forces that are advertising for income or not, but spreading the incorrect knowledge. In order to reduce their influence on the students, a Yoga Teacher must advertise.

How much one should advertise, how much income one should make and such questions are not answered here.

OM ShantiH.

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