Yoga Post 1071 – Language Usage during Yoga Study

When any writer writes his particular work, he/she uses a particular language and describes a particular subject or topic. There is something in the mind of the writer and he/she uses the terminology of a particular language in the context of a particular culture bound by the history/geography, to express what is in his/her mind. The problem is this:

When the reader reads the written work, if they do not know well the culture that was in the mind of the writer, they derive meaning of the read text as per their own idea. They may get a correct translation of the terminology minus the cultural aspect. This effect compounds more they read of that particular work. And, after a sufficient reading, they do not have the original idea of the writer at all.

Thus, when an Indian person reads a romantic novel by a western author, the reader does not get a very good understanding of the Western Romance. And, when a Yoga student reads the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali out of the Patanjali’s context then the Yoga Student gets wrong ideas about

– non violence being Vegetarianism

– asana being yoga postures

– meditation being any type of meditation such as transcedental meditation or walking meditation

– etc.

This is very tricky. The reader may still enjoy the work in the bliss of ignorance.

But, I think one has to first form the context in one’s mind while studying any Yoga works.

OM ShantiH.

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