Yoga Post 1070 – How does a person established in Yoga look?

Suppose a person from India goes to USA as a visitor or as a student. This person definitely finds everything shockingly different as a part of his/her living. After few days, the person somehow makes adjustments to feel comfortable. If the person is not able to adjust or feels totally out of the place, the person leaves UsA. But, a person who wants to try to adjust or who is determined to stay, makes changes, and in time gets totally used to USA. After the person gets “naturalized” and is called a US Citizen. He/She probably takes the pledge of allegience also.

In the similar manner, a person who is new or only partially familiar with the Yoga enters the Yoga world, goes through adjustments and becomes “naturalized” into it. Such a person becomes the citizen of Yoga – loka , the Yoga world! This is not the commercial Yoga world of studios and organizations. It is the world where all Yoga citizens live. He/she becomes identified with the Yoga practice and follows the rules of Yoga automatically.

Such a person is called Yoga-Arudha.

How does such a person look?

Firstly, he/she looks different from those who are not Yoga persons in appearance as well as behaviour. He looks healthy, fit and slim if he/she is doing Yoga exercise practice. He/She looks calm and peaceful if he/she is doing Meditation practice. He/she does not eat too little or too much. There is a certain kind of joy around that person. He/she does not like stressful situations. And, his/her focus of mind is quite good, sometimes extremely good.

Any person who is not “naturalized yogi” may go through hardships such as the one experienced by the immigrants to USA prior to getting the citizenship. And, the person who enters a fake or wrong Yoga world, goes through delays similar to the unlucky immigrants.

OM ShantiH.

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