Yoga Post 1069 – Simplifying the Yoga Study

I want to give this suggestion especially to those who are already having many things on their daily plate such as small kids, long commutes, difficult economy or job situation.

If you are a great and serious Yoga student, that is a good news. But, that is not sufficient. Yoga Study needs time and comfort of a particular kind. Even those who worked very hard and wrote the biographies about how hard their life was actually had the time and comfort that pertains to Yoga Study. Am I kidding? No, show me an example that contradicts with my statement.

Now a days, innumerable sources of study are available. But, those various modes are mixed up in such a way that they may not satisfy the study you are looking for. So, you will need to properly choose the source of study. This itself shall take time and effort. But, it is worth spending these as it will save your headache later.

There are various modes of studying available, such as Audio, Video, Private Lesson, etc. And, you should exploit a proper mode and proper source based on your subject of study, intention and your situation.

But, to give you the last and real suggestion is: the method of study should be simple and logical. If you are pressed for time and energy, do not get into complicated logic and practices. A good teacher makes complicated things simple. A bad one does either nothing or does the opposite. And, a bad student either does not know what he/she wants, or does not stick to what was decided for sufficient time, or wants one thing and does other things. And, a fake student thinks Complicated Things are more valuable or correct.

OM ShantiH.

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