Yoga Post 1067 – Yoga Profession and Income

Yoga enthusiasts have passion for Yoga. They believe it to be holistic and spiritual. They believe it will bring peace and joy in the society. This happens especially if these Yogis have derived substantial personal benefits from the Yoga practice.

But, beyond this, such yogis develop an idea that it would be wonderful life if they can make their living out of Yoga work. They believe such a life will be joyful, useful and fulfilling. So, they do all sorts of things to get into Yoga Teaching profession.

But, soon they find that it is not easy for them to make a living out of Yoga Teaching. They find that they cannot live so simple that the income they get can satisfy their material needs. Then they try to obtain more Yoga knowledge and certifications with the idea that they will improve their income substantially. In other words, in addition to getting attached to Yoga, they get attached to Yoga teaching profession.

But, later they find that the income gain from the above method is not substantial. But, they continue their wrong method of thinking. They should realise that substantial income comes from a profession that is highly demanded by the society. Either it has to be a basic necessity for the people, such as food, clothing and shelter. Or, it has to be something people like too much such as attractive clothes. Or, one has to convince people that what Yoga offers is extremely great for the people and they should really spend on it. These things should be thought by each enthusiast.

But, nevertheless, people do not spend too much on activities like Yoga. Average income is not great when compared to other professions. Thus, a Yoga enthusiasts has to make a proper analysis of their own situation. They have to be realistic and find the real figures. They may need to focus on another income earning profession while doing Yoga work moderately. When they struggle too much to make sufficient income through Yoga, they may get exhausted. Exhaustion is harmful to Yoga work and practice. And, sufficient comfort is needed for a Yoga work to continue. Of course, it is great to reduce one’s needs in order to make things work. But, all the needs cannot be minimized and also this view cannot be forced upon the family. Judicious mixture of Yoga and non Yoga work should be considered. It is better to plan in steps.

But above all, being realistic, that is finding the real facts, is most essential!

OM ShantiH.

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