Yoga Post 1066 – How much time and effort an individual should give for body and mind care

When we have an extremely complex instrument that does complex jobs desired by us, we give lot of time and care for maintenance of these instruments. Sometimes, we do not give that time and care personally ourselves, but we employ others to do that job, while paying them for the service. In order pay them, however, we have to spend time and effort to earn the money.

In case of our body and mind, we shall find that they are the most complex instruments we have and they are almost exclusively needed for each job that we desire. Additionally, we cannot get them looked after by other persons even with payment. We have to do this job ourselves. Do we give sufficient time and care for our bodies and minds?

Body requires bodily care and mind requires mental care. However, body care depends on mind also as the one in a disabled mental state cannot properly care for the body. Thus, mental care has higher priority. In the modern world, however, we find that the mental care is totally insufficient in relation to the mental jobs one does. Therefore, the occurrence of mental diseases is definitely high. Stress is met at every step. It seems that everyone including Yoga practitioners is constantly on high.

In case of body care, lot of knowledge is pouring. However, due to serious lack of mental peace, bodily care is not using that knowledge. The knowledge is used to suppress bodily problems rather than the care of the body.

Thus, a human is leaving in an imaginary dreamworld of advancement whereas the truth is the opposite. The unfortunate thing is that the Yoga practitioners are not much exception to this situation.

In my option, considering there are 24 hours in a day, one should definitely rest for 7 to 8 hours. And, one should spend 2 to 3 hours a day to care for the body and mind. Any lesser amount is dangerous!

OM ShantiH

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