Yoga Post 1065 – What should a very strongly interested Yoga Student do with other things on hand?

Many times, a Yoga student finds that he/she is developing a very strong interest in the Yoga Philosophy and also practice. Of course, both of these need time and effort. If such a student already has other things on hand, these things seem to be impediment in the progress of the student. When this conflict is severe in the mind of a student, the life seems frustrating. What to do in such a circumstances?

Firstly, such a student should know that the severe conflict is present because the student does not want to compromise with or loose the two sides of the coin. But, when a coin is tossed only one side is going to be up. But, at the same time the coin has both the sides, and they cannot be separated, because the student is interested in both the sides. In fact, the presently less desirable side was previously desirable side. And, the newly desirable side has started showing up recently. This fact should be accepted by such a student. If they try to destroy the undesirable side of the coin, it is possible that they might destroy the coin itself.

Instead, what such a student should do is: first check whether the Yoga Practice is really higher priority. It must be verified that it is not just a fantasy, but an actual strong interest. It is not so difficult to verify this. Without compromising the other things, one can first see whether they can sacrifice some of the personal comforts or interests other than Yoga in order to devote time and energy to the Yoga practice. For example, one may be watching movies, or playing a bridge, or going to parties, or having social interaction of some sorts that is meant for their personal happiness. They can try to sacrifice these things in order to do more Yoga study and practice. If they cannot do so, they know that their interest in Yoga is not really that strong.

However, after verifying that the Yoga interest is really strong, one should check whether the things that seem to be impediments in Yoga study/practice are really an impediment. They may not be really an impediment always. For example, one may have a disabled child who needs help for daily chores. And, this causes frustration. Some of this frustration is coming as one does not want to see one’s own child suffer. However, as per Yoga philosophy, one should do their own intended duty to the best possible and leave the results to the destiny. Or, one should try to make the child happy, help the child grow and then find happiness in that, rather than waste energy in suffering. There is one Yoga Teacher in Brazil who did this and made her life of Yoga successful (I think she is Sonia Sumar: In other words, an impediment can be converted into a catalyst at times. Not always.

Anyway, when the impediments are truly present, one should check whether the impediments are temporary or of a long term nature. If they are of short term nature, one should decide to wait. If they are of long term nature and also cannot be converted into a positive environment, and also the interest in the Yoga is very strong, one has to make a decision to break the impediments. But, generally this may not be necessary. Because, there is a solution to most difficult situations, and this should not be an exception. One may arrive at an intermediate satisfactory solution for the present time and continue the possible study/practice. One may take advice from a reliable source in this case to decide an optimum way of practice/study. And, later one may get a chance to fully dive in.

But, of course, when all other things fail, the impediment must be broken. Sometimes a war is unavoidable to arrive at the peace. That is called Mahabharata!

In any case, one must remember that the solution should be such that the state of mind of the practitioner is peaceful. If it is not so, the study/practice will not go well or even will go wrongly.

OM ShantiH.

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