Yoga Post 1060 – What is a Yoga Master?

What is a Yoga Master?

Yoga Master is a term that has two meanings:

In the non commercial Yoga world, it means a person whom one can consider as a Guru, but with Yoga as a common base. Guru means a Spiritual Master of a given disciple, who can lead the disciple to the emancipation. When a Guru uses Yoga as the means, then it is a Yoga Master.

In the commercial world, Yoga master means a person who is experienced in doing and teaching Yoga for number of years.

In reality, a person who is considered a Yoga Master in the first category may not be spiritual at all, but may be a fake guru, who looks non commercial, but actually is commercial in the reality. He/She may be master in order to gain money, name and fame. There is a great availability of such masters and they serve certain section of society. These are dangerous to the society. Because, people are not only misled, but they are loosing their hard earned assets at the cost of getting nothing.

Also, in reality, the second category Yoga Master may not be spiritual at all, but may get that recognition due to the display of mainly physical but sometimes mental abilities. This is less dangerous than the earlier said fake gurus, but it is misleading in long run. Because, it confuses between Spiritual and Non Spiritual. Such confusion also exists between Meditation and Asana practice, or between Chanting and Kirtana practice, or between Health and Fitness, or between Herbal Medicine and Holistic Medicine, etc. This category is a loss to the Master if he/she starts thinking that he/she is really a Yoga Master, as it stops the further progress of that Master.

Yoga ultimately deals with the training of the Mind to get full hold on the Mind.

Most of the Yoga Practitioners are not Yoga students, they are doing things that are different from what they did before, mainly for physical or mental well being. They are possibly trying to be a Yoga Student. Very few real Yoga Students are present.

Most of the Yoga Teachers are not Yoga teachers. They are trying to do a little more than a Yoga student does. They enjoy teaching others. But, they are not teaching Yoga. Because, they are not teaching focus of mind. They are teaching Yoga Poses, Breathing, etc.

And, of course Yoga Master is a rare commodity!

OM ShantiH.

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