Yoga Post 1059 – What is the Kundalini about?

Most yoga students are attracted by the subject of Kundalini. And, why not? It is supposed to be a mystical power and when aroused, it is supposed to give special powers such as writing poetry without being a poet, giving speeches without being a speaker, and so on. Also, it is supposed to lead to the emancipation called the Union of Shiva and Shakti. All this is so wonderful that one must have their Kundalini risen for sure. Correct?

But, how did you know about this Kundalini energy? From the modern books that have an attractive picture of a man and woman in a sex posture or a picture showing a spinal column with chakras and beeja mantras on it or from some weird experiments which led to psychotic results without the union of Shiva and Shakti? Or, did you know this from the ancient scriptures on Yoga and Tantra without any pictures where the writers of the scriptures have reached the union of Shiva and Shakti? Whom do you trust? The ancient scriptures or the modern ones? Well, the choice is yours.

If you believe the modern ones, why not ask yourself whether you can obtain similar results without Kundalini? If you want to be a poet, why not start writing poetry and you will get there sooner than with Kundalini? Same with art, etc. And, knowing other’s thoughts? Are you crazy? Do you know your own thoughts? If not, how can you know other’s thoughts?

If you believe in the ancient ones, are they not telling you the environment under which such a practice can be done? For example, they are stating you must have a Kundalini master with you, you must dedicate hours of practice, and you must be in a secluded surrounding with high discipline of food/such. Are you doing this? If not, how the hell you will get anything from Kundalini rising?

In other words, if you have no credit, no money to deposit, nobody to support, no interest in hard work, no knowledge of handy work, and no land to build, how the hell you are going to have your own big house? Why not enjoy a smaller apartment?

The ancient yogis realised the Kundalini energy as a part of their meditative intense search. It can be experienced only by those who are that dedicated. Even after rising of Kundalini, one has to go into meditation to sustain the progress towards Shiva-Shakti union. One should not use the Kundalini for other purposes, else a loss of material and spiritual is entitled. In other words, Kundalini is a path for only a few to trade.

OM ShantiH.

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