Yoga Post 1058 – How to choose Yoga Teacher Training

Many potential yoga teachers have this question. And, some have predetermined or incorrect answers to this question. And, I have some ideas to share. These are as follows:

1. First, you need to determine why you want Yoga Teacher Training. e.g. you want to go to a retreat where there will be a yoga interested persons and also some fun and sight seeing. Or, you want to learn some topics that are new to you and they are taught in this training. or, you want to become a professional yoga teacher. ETC.

2. Second, you need to verify whether what you are looking for is actually provided in that place.

3. Now, if you are looking for becoming a Professional Yoga Teacher, wait. Wait. You cannot become a professional Yoga Teacher in a short term teacher training. You can write the Certification on your resume. But, that does not make much difference. To become professional yoga teacher, you need a training that makes serious effort to make you a teacher, and also you have sufficient time for this based on your background and the environment at the training place.

4. If you are very highly experienced Yoga student, you can absorb good amount of teaching skill in a short period. But, then you are wasting your time and energy to learn what you already know with others in a group. IN this case, you should consider Private Teacher Training. I mean Customised Teacher Training.

5. If you are inexperienced yoga student, you must consider a very long term training.

6. In any case, if you are not a Yoga student, which is frequently the case, you should consider not going to teacher training. You will screw up others and yourself, both.

7. In any case, you should never mix teacher training and other activities such as sightseeing.

8. And, if you are choosing a training mainly based on the fees, then you are likely to spend much more later to become a real teacher.

OM ShantiH.

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