Yoga Post 1057 – How to stay inspired in Yoga Practice

Most of the students have an idea of this. But, I shall state anyway.

1. The most important tool to stay inspired is to have a definite goal for your Yoga Practice. And, you should remind yourself of this goal each day sufficiently so as never to forget it.

2. The next most important tool is the company of those yoga practitioners who have achieved such a goal and those who are also trying for such a goal. The former is superior and the later is also very useful.

3. The third most important tool is to have a picture of an ideal such as teacher, deity, classmates, and yourself practicing in the vicinity of your frequent passage. Some keep it only in the practice room, but it should be in the normal frequent passage.

4. Keep the practice within your capacity so as to not need gaps.

5. Give the practice highest possible priority and definitely not a low priority over other things.

OM ShantiH.

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