Yoga Post 1055 – Quantity and Quality of Yoga Practice

In my opinion, in response to some queries,

Quality means sincerity and focus. Quantity means actual time spent or repetitions made, but without injury.

Quantity Guideline 1: Average Quality student should practice 20 times of Highest Quality student. And, Lowest Quality student should practice 100 times of Highest Quality student.

Quantity Guideline 2: Yoga Teacher Trainee should spend 20 times more time than average Quality Student.

Quantity Guideline 3: For one simple exercise, an average Quality student should should spend at least total 1 hour of practice. For medium level exercise, at least total 20 hours of practice. And, for difficult exercises, at least 100 hours of practice. This guideline is for a Yoga Student. For Yoga Teacher Trainee, see the Guideline 2.

Note: all the timings given in hours are total spread over maximum period possible.

OM ShantiH.

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