Yoga Post 1053 – Is competition strategy necessary in Yoga Teaching profession

Competition means two parties trying for one opportunity, where only one is going to get the offer. Everyone knows this and what this really is about. In such a case, one follows a strategy where one party does not want to loose that opportunity to other party. Following this strategy involves not disclosing the opportunity to another party. Sometimes it involves making the other party look bad. Or, it also includes destroying the other party.

When the motive of the profession is related to making money or name/fame, then the above strategies have some meaningfulness. Though it does not look totally ethical, one may say that one should stand in competition and show they are better.

However, while on one hand, making income is definitely a goal of most Yoga institutes and teachers, that is not a primary goal. This is because, whether such a primary goal is set or not, most Yoga institutes and teachers do not make lot of income, regardless of what others may think or regardless of what the teaching parties may advertise (to show their status). And, the satisfaction in Yoga teaching comes not mainly due to earning money, but by the activity of Yoga itself. For example, one does not feel surprised that one gets stressed by doing a Wall Street business, or by doing even an Organic Food business. But, to get stressed by doing Yoga teaching is definitely a surprise that needs to be sorted out.

Additionally, actually there is not much competition in Yoga teaching regardless of what people think. Because, the number of real yoga students, number of regular students and number of Yoga teachers and number of Yoga institutes is so small that the word competition does not apply. Therefore, I think those who are having competitive spirit while teaching Yoga should not worry much. They should just carry on their work and enjoy it. If they are genuine teachers, they will find their place and they will probably need to reduce their needs or add income from non Yoga profession or be satisfied with what they get. Otherwise, very soon they will fall out of Yoga itself, leave alone Yoga teaching!

OM ShantiH.

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