Yoga Post 1052 – When problems arise during the Yoga Study

Yoga study by definition means a prolonged study. There is no such a thing as a short Yoga study. Yoga study means a practical study based upon conceptual understanding that can be called Theory or Philosophy. Without practice, Yoga Study is almost useless as it gives ideas that are not true. And, a Yoga practice without proper logical understanding behind it is fragile or ineffective in long run.

Due to its prolonged nature, it is obvious that some problems or obstacles will occur during the process of Yoga study. When these problems appear, only a really interested Yoga student continues the study. However, the nature of problems can cause a damage due to adamantine nature of Yoga study, or due to the intensity of difficulty in solving those problems.

An adamantine continuation of study ignoring the problems may result in injuring the student later causing impossibility to get back to study itself. Therefore, one needs to peacefully review the nature of the problems. And, then make a further determination. Sometimes, it makes sense to slow down the study until the problems can be resolved.

During resolution of problems, if the problems seem unsurmountable, it is better to form a strategy to attack only the size of the problems that can be resolved at a given time.

However, continuation of study in some form is the best strategy while combined with above described suggestions.

OM ShantiH.

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