Yoga Post 1051 – Is it necessary to study with an ultimate Yoga Master

If one gets a company of an ultimate Yoga Master, one may still be disinterested in Yoga. Such a person does not benefit much from that master, however certain properties of the master are known to this person. In other words, a seed is sown but not grown.

If one gets to study with an ultimate Yoga Master, but one does not follow the teachings, one still gets benefit, but much less than what is gotten by following the teachings. Of course, the problem of whether is an ultimate Yoga Master is more complex and is not dealt herewith, except that the people who are popular as ultimate masters are often not so. They are yoga celebrities.

If one studies with an ultimate Yoga Master and follows the teaching, the progress is phenomenal. However, this happens infrequently. Otherwise, the ultimate Yoga Masters’ number will multiply at least linearly. This does not happen!

Now, the question is whether it is necessary to study with an ultimate Yoga Master? If you read the above lines very carefully, you will notice that Ultimate Yoga master cannot be sought, but has to appear. If he/she appears, one has to be compatible to follow the teachings. And, if one is looking for certain skills, one does not really need Ultimate Master always. Do you need a Nobel prize winner Mathematician to learn arithmetic? One should learn the desired skills from an available good teacher and progress.

One should spend time in finding a good teacher and practice learning that searching for an Ultimate Yoga Teacher. And, one should not assume someone to be ultimate because they are popular. And, one should try to make oneself ultimate if they want to be sure. Because, Ultimate Yoga Master is made by the Master’s own work, and not due to another Master!

OM ShantiH.

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