Yoga Post 1050 – Prioritising Your Yoga Practice

Many persons think that doing Yoga practice in the early hours of morning has some Spiritual benefits. Actually, those benefits are related to Meditation practices due to stillness of environment. It does not have much Spiritual benefit when one does Yoga exercise in the early morning.

However, for those who are not disciplined enough or those who have many other interests that carry them away, doing the Yoga practice in the early morning definitely helps. However, this has a catch that the person’s rest should be complete before the early morning.

The one who does not have much discipline should make a point that they should do their practice before they take up any other activity. If they need too much discipline, they should determine not to eat at all before the practice. Also, they can do some practice in the bed before they come out of the bed.

Those who are likely to get distracted later in the day should do the practice in the early morning.

Apart from that, those who are disciplined also can derive some benefits from the early morning practice as they are rested and their digestive track till abdomen being relatively empty, they can do the exercise much better.

Prioritising one’s Yoga Practice is the skill one need to develop in order to succeed in the Yoga Practice.

OM ShantiH.

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