Yoga Post 1043 – Feeling Uncomfortable – Not Knowing Enough in Yoga.

Some Yoga Practitioners, especially some Yoga teachers, feel very uncomfortable when they notice other yoga friends knowing much more than themselves. Some teachers even start feeling they are not worthy of teaching their classes. This can happen due to two reasons, one is a real lack of sufficient knowledge and two, feeling of comparison with someone superior.

In the former case, a practitioner should understand that they should do their best to improve the knowledge using the resources at hand. If it is not possible to obtain more knowledge with the available resources, then acceptance with satisfaction is the real Yoga practice.

If the later is the case, such a yoga teacher should know that everyone has a superior one. When they decide to teach persons who are inferior in knowledge, they will feel a sense of accomplishment and dignity.

Living with a feeling of discomfort for a prolonged time is detrimental in every way.

om ShantiH.

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