Yoga Post 1040 – Confusion about the Money for a Yoga Professional

Money is a medium of exchange ONLY. That means instead of exchanging work with another work, or exchanging one material commodity with another one, one can use a third entity called Money to perform the real functions. Money is a Dummy entity that is a catalyst for executing a Real activity. It is like Love is the main thing between two lovers, but a gift is used to show that love.

But, the funny thing is one understands the dummy thing as the real thing. This is called Avidya in Yoga Philosophy. The example is that of a rope taken for snake. Rope is not a real snake. But, it creates the fear from snake. This causes the whole problem.

A gift can be used to create a feeling of love such as that done during commercial transactions in the corporate world. Everyone knows it is commercial gesture, but even then it can create a feeling of real love or belonging. Similarly, Money creates a feeling that Money is the real thing! And, when one does not have Money, one may feel insure, low or worthless.

But, the additional fact is that in the modern world almost all the transactions are done through Money. So, original Real transactions are replaced with the medium of exchange! Thus, not having the medium itself causes all the hardship in the Real transactions.

But, why the hell am I writing this in a Yoga blog? A Yoga professional wants to make living out of teaching Yoga. Several Yoga professionals find it hard to make sufficient money for their living. But, their thinking is that Money is insufficient as their teaching is of lower quality. Here the amount of Money is associated with the self esteem of Yoga teaching. This is ignorance!

One should know that Yoga teaching may not bring sufficient income for various reasons. Some of them may be teaching in an area with low income population that does not want to spend on yoga classes, teaching to the population not interested in Yoga, teaching at wrong times, etc. Low income may not be due to lower quality of teaching. Therefore, such a teacher should really examine the factors contributing to low income. If the quality of teaching is low, one should practice more, learn more and teach better thence.

But, one more thing that a Yoga teacher with lower than sufficient income should do is focus on other possible income activities which bring good income. After obtaining sufficient income, they should spend time in teaching Yoga. These two have to be done simultaneously until the Yoga teaching becomes stronger in income.


OM ShantiH

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