Yoga Post 1039 – How to make life successful.

Everyone wants happiness for sure. Part of the happiness story for most people is feeling successful. Those who are totally ignorant are blissed out, but that is inactive bliss. Those who are enlightened are blissed out with the enlightenment. Only the middle people are suffering to achieve full happiness. But, part of that story for them is feeling successful in their life.

To make the life successful, one does not have to achieve great things at once. One of the easy tricks or methods is : Keep a goal and make a project associated with that goal. Now, you should spend at least a short time each day in that project. There is no question that some sort of success will be seen at regular intervals of say a week or a day or a fortnight. This success will keep oneself happy.

Once one project is complete, plan another one. Depending on the situation, one may have more than one project going.

This idea can make one’s life successful, “a life made up of projects and also other activities as needed”.


OM ShantiH.

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