Yoga Post 1037 – Mixing Social and Political Situations with Yoga

Original Yoga Practice was meant for individual salvation. In this a person gets liberated from the entire material world, including socio-political environment. A Yogi may perform acts of goodness towards others, but they are either for preparing his/her mind for meditation later or for resolving past karma after the higher stages of meditations are reached. In any case, they are not meant for a Yogi to get attached to the social environment and increase social good at the cost of his/her yogic progress. Even a great Karmayogi like Swami Vivekananda’s Ramakrishna Mission worldwide has a motto of “atmano mokshartham jagadhitaya cha” . In this personal liberation comes first, that is before the good of the world!

In today’s word, due to complexity of life over the past (complexity is generally increasing, but that is compared to the past!), several social and political issues exist. And, many Yoga institutes and teachers preach the socio-political work as a part of Yoga work, or they even manage to define such a work to mean Yoga Practice itself. As a matter of fact, such institutes and individuals are very interested in socio-political work in terms of their own growth in it. So, they make use of Yoga to decorate their work. Common people need leaders and they succumb to such leaders and get deprived of any Yoga learning.

The behaviours of such yoga leaders is that of spiritual royalties or in better words, they are Spiritual Celebrities! They go in chartered planes, they ride in limousines, and wear shining robes. They have a paraphernalia of similar looking devotees with various ranks and authorities. Common people wait for hours to take the Darshan of such celebrities.

Everything is fine as long as one understands what their own definition of Yoga, Spirituality and their own Goal are. But, both the sides of the coin are needed, so one should decide which currency they want to use.


OM ShantiH.

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