Yoga Post 1034 – Fear of doing things and Fear of happening something

I am talking here in relation to Yoga practice. I find many persons who come for learning Yoga exercise to help with their health and fitness situation already have lots of fears in their mind. They have a fear related to their undesired health situation in such a way that they think they are in much worse condition than they actually are. This fear prevents them to think of doing something new such as a Yoga exercise. They feel that the very yoga exercise that will be given as a remedy shall aggravate their problem or cause a damage that will lead to future problems. Many times this fear is inculcated into them by a medical report or medical doctor. These people respect medical opinion over the yoga teacher’s opinion. But, they want a remedy to a situation that was not resolved with a medical practice.


This is all confusing! The Best way is: one should start with the determination of whether they believe Yoga would help them. They can study the factors before they come to this stage. Once they determine, they should decide the teacher they should have for the given situation. Then they should follow the advice in steps for a sufficient time to verify the results. On the way, they should not ignore dangerous signs, but they should ignore undesirable fears using whatever means. They should judge the results only after a sufficient period.

Fear leads to ignorance, to more fear and to undesirable practice and results.

OM ShantiH.

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