Yoga Post 1033 – Too much studies in schools and colleges

I have gotten a bad news that today’s schools and colleges are putting too much study pressure on their students, especially in India and more especially in major cities. This has even resulted in Psychological situations, even resulting in suicides!

While study means an effort to improve and therefore it assumes some pressure of effort on a student, it does not mean pressure that causes breakdown of students. Too much pressure will lead to breakdown and not improvement. This is what is observed as given initially.

Each student has a different inclination, interest, and capacity. So, giving the same load to various students can lead to improvement in some students, lack of improvement in some students and breakdown in some students.

In the modern world, due to designation of diplomas, rankings, and awards, all students trying for a given diploma are given the same amount of workload. But, all the students with the same diploma, same ranking and same awards will not show the same performance later. So, there is no point in giving the same workload in the name of same designation.

Thus, the education system has to change for sure. But, that is not the main change needed.

Education system is meant to serve the society. And, society contains individuals, who are concerned with their wellbeing first and then that of the society. Unless an individual is well, he/she cannot make the society well, in general. The individuals in any society must take care of themselves. Thus, each family and each parent couple should take care of their own members. They should decide what is best for their child and only participate in the activity that is most appropriate. They should even reject the educational system if necessary in order to keep their welfare.

Parents often pressurise their children to study more than possible. Some students themselves study more than their capacity, sacrificing health and happiness, in order to get grades that earn name. This results in a loss and not a gain.

Many highly qualified individuals with high rankings do not fare well in their career and life. The educational effort in terms of money, time and energy spent on them goes waste and even becomes destructive.

The same can occur in too much Yoga Exercise and too much Yoga Practice. Yoga Practice and Study be compatible with the intentions, interests, capacity and situation of an individual student. Though Yoga can help one with stress management, psychological management, health management and study management, it can also create the same problems for which Yoga was suggested, if incorrect type and amount of Yoga practice is done!


OM ShantiH.

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