Yoga Post 1030 – Comparison with others for Yoga Practitioners

Comparison is a part of human nature. So, one cannot totally avoid it in the practice, regardless of all philosophical statements. A Yoga Practitioner is not an exception to this fact. By watching great Yoga practitioners, one may derive great inspiration. Or, at the same time, by watching an inferior performance, one may develop a great ego. Also, by reading books, one may attempt a practice that leads to undesired results. And, one may participate in a Yoga competition based on some physical rules and even win a medal while actually screwing up the vital parts of the body.

When one compares two things, there has to be a common basis for comparison. One easily knows not to compare oranges with apples. But, one does not know that there are also oranges and apples in yoga practitioners. Some have more vitamin C whereas some others have more fructose.

While comparing one’s practice with that of the other, or while taking part in competition with another person, or while deriving inspiration from a great one, or while condemning some other inferior practitioner, one should keep in mind several factors such as:

background of the individuals

current status of the individuals including physical, mental, financial, social, etc.

and also current goals of the individuals.

This way comparison will become healthy and meaningful.


OM ShantiH.

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