Yoga Post 1029 – Training Your Mind

Everyone knows that training the mind is the key to success in the material world or in the spiritual world. But, everyone also knows that the training of the mind is not a joke, especially as one is climbing the ladders of the success. Some persons have an extremely evolved mind from childhood, such as Swami Vivekananda, Adi Shankara, Violinist Yehudi Menuhin, etc. So, naturally, they succeed to enormous heights leaving others spellbound. Everyone shall like to be like them.

Many a times, people read the biographies of such great ones and derive inspiration. Also, their elders always encourage them pointing such great persons. They even attend some lessons, lectures or practices with such great ones or the followers of such great ones. However, they find that they themselves are not reaching such heights and they are left with awe or with praising the great ones. You will find that the great ones are celebrated all over the world, but not too many great ones are produced amongst such praising crowds. Why?

Because, while it does help to derive inspiration from the illumined ones, the real success starts with training one’s own mind. This training can be done only by the individual who wants to succeed. For such a person who wants to derive success by training the mind, some tips may be found by studying others. Several tips are noticed, and certain only ones are applicable to each individual. So, there is no common formula.

First of all, one should know what the problem with one’s own mind is. For example, some persons like to help others and spend all their energy in helping others, leaving no time/energy for their own practice or study. Some others like one subject so much that they neglect some other one/s that are mandatory to some extent, thus coming to a blockage at one point. Some ignore financial side as their mind repels the money, but does not repel the things that can be bought with the money. And, so on.

Once one gets to know one’s own situation, they must accept it and not deny it. After that they should make a plan to exactly address that situation, and not other situation as taught by some great ones. For example, if a person has mental problems, Asanas do NOT help much, though they may help a little bit. Whereas if a person has flexibility problem, Vipassana meditation does not help at all. One must directly address one’s own problem.

Thirdly, one shall find that their mind resists the solution to their own problem. Because, that resistance in a way or in some proportion had led to their problem. So, they should accept that resistance and not expect mental victory in a short period. They should make a doable plan to train their mind to overcome that resistance. And, execute that plan regularly. If the plan is doable, but slightly challenging, they will find that they are able to overcome such a resistance and are climbing the ladder of success.

This way, they will soon learn to overcome greater resistance and shall reach the heights optimally. They should keep themselves happy with whatever success they get so as to avoid creating negativity, but at the same time they should not be complacent.

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OM ShantiH.

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