Yoga Post 1028 – Planning and Execution of Yoga Practice

In today’s world, when one generally does not give fully dedicated life for a Yoga study and has hundreds of other things to consider, but at the same time one is serious about yoga (!), one of course needs planning one’s Yoga Practice. And, one knows already that Yoga means NOTHING without the execution of that practice.

Many a Yoga students make a mistake of planning their practice when they are in a group with their Yoga colleagues, or when they are in a Yoga class or Yoga workshop, and such. At such times they are excited about Yoga and they make plans that they cannot actually execute fully. This leads to frustration and disappointment. This may even result in giving up Yoga practice totally by low level students. Or, this may lead to injuries for some ambitious students. Or, this may lead to some other disasters due to ignoring some other important aspect of life such as income, job, family and sex.

Therefore, I suggest that one should plan the Yoga practice when he/she is relatively relaxed, fresh or energetic, and alone. While doing this planning, one should consider all important factors possible to be considered.

Of course, execution of the planned practice will give further revelations!


OM ShantiH.

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