Yoga Post 1027 – Successful Person in Your Field!

When one sees another person who is relatively much more successful in a given field, there is a tendency to find about what circumstances helped that successful person. For example, when one person is financially very successful, one sees economy of the place, the market, the family background, education, etc. Similar things also are happening in Yoga field!

But, actually, what made that person successful is “what that person exact did in action”. That person may have worked really hard or really smart. That person may have stayed persistent through initial ups and downs. Or, that person may have tolerated adverse living conditions in order to become successful. Or, that person may have fooled people, too! ETC.

When we see a person with high success in a  given field, we should focus on what they actually did. Then, we can decide our course of action.


OM ShantiH

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