Yoga Post 1026 – Feeling Lonely

Many times a Yoga Practitioner gets into a feeling of loneliness. This is perfectly natural and should not be considered a negative progress. In fact, sometimes, it may be a positive thing. But, of course, a lonely feeling for a prolonged time is not a good thing and should be resolved as soon as possible. It is similar to the fact that a short time small pain is natural during the Yoga Exercise, but a prolonged pain must be addressed immediately.

But, one should know the nature of one’s loneliness. One should know what is going on when they feel lonely. Are they feeling like talking or are they feeling sexually deprived or are they feeling insecure in terms of finance/security or whether it is a combination of these factors.

Once they know the nature of the loneliness, they should accept it with happy face. They should not evaluate themselves too much. Also, they should know that most of the time, this situation can be resolved simply. For example, if they want to talk with someone, they should not feel shy or hesitant. They should simply go and meet a person or should do a audio/video call to the person, etc. If they want to be listened to, they should find an audience who can benefit from their company, such as a senior citizen, a group of children or a group of disadvantaged or disabled persons.

Whenever the loneliness is of a serious nature, one should talk with a mature and experienced person. Such a person should not have any self interest in this talk. Otherwise, even though the talk is very fruitful and mutually enjoyable, it may lead the Yoga practitioner away from his practice and later create problems.

Lastly, one thing should be understood. It is not that the yoga practitioner has to be lonely in order to reach higher levels of meditation or self realization. The fact is that the liking or love of loneliness results in a practitioner who is climbing the ladders of meditation. Thus, loneliness love should result automatically and then one should go into it. It is not a practice that should be done by too much force. Some practice of loneliness is good, but it should not cause prolonged pain the practitioner’s mind. If it does, one should resolve the loneliness even by being non-lonely!


OM ShantiH.




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