Yoga Post 1025 – Happy Face

Happy Face is the first concept that appeared to me when I made the first prayer privately at the opening of the SaeeTech, Authentic Yoga School in 1998. Many of the concepts in the AYS appeared to me in that prayer. Appeared does not mean there were any lights or Kundalini rising and such. The concepts just appeared in my mind.

Later, the Happy Face concept took a deep root, spread a lot, and also rose to heights. I am happy about it.

The face, as you know has two sides. There is the external face that all others see. This also makes them happy, mostly in some ways. To make the external face happy, some have to exert little, some have to exert a lot. However, that keeps the entire Yoga practice in a balance where excess is avoided.

But, there is also one Internal Face. This face is not seen by others. But, this can be observed by the owner of the face. A Yoga practitioner may watch this face from time to time initially and then always to check the status of one’s mind or to train one’s mind. This internal face can be kept happy regardless of external face. For example, when you want to express sadness due to external sad phenomenon or anger due to external bad phenomenon, you can still maintain internal face happy in order to continue the spiritual practice.

Thus, while living in the word, sometimes external face should he happy and sometimes non happy. However, the real yoga practice deals with making the internal face happy as long as possible, forever if possible.

OM ShantiH.

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