Yoga Post 1017 – Competition in Yoga

Many Yoga practitioners think there should be no competition in Yoga. Of course, most of such thinkers are the ones who either cannot participate in the competition or do not need to participate in the competition, though some of them really do think that competition does not belong to Yoga.

However, when one is trying to practice any aspect of Yoga, many of such practitioners derive their inspiration by the competition element. They look at a great Yogi and want to become so. They want to look better than average in the class. ETC.

When one is teaching Yoga, they cannot avoid competition at all. Because, in today’s world competition is an element of any profession.

However, it is also true that Yoga itself in its purity does not go with the competition. Yoga is for self improvement in the first place, and for social improvement or professional purpose after the self improvement is in place.

As far as self improvement is concerned, one can think of competition as competing with oneself rather than with others. That means, one should check one’s current status and try to go beyond that by putting the best effort. However, one has to be careful that the competition is healthy which means that one should not overdo the effort. Otherwise, one can injure oneself, rather than improve oneself.

As far as the professional competition is concerned, one can think of improving one’s status so much that the demand for their work is more than others, rather than by blocking others or by putting others down. The later happens a lot in every profession, Yoga being no exception. But, one can try to maximise the former and minimise the later. This will keep in place the spiritual aspect of Yoga.

Too much competition in Yoga is harmful for oneself, whether improvement-wise or spiritually.

OM ShantiH.

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