Yoga Post 1016 – Conflict of Interest within Your Own Mind

One of my friends said, “Neel, I do not like to use facebook because when I go on it, I spend hours without noticing it. I hate it.” I said, “No dear, you love it. And, because you love it, you spend hours without getting tired and without noticing the time.”

The problem with my friend is not that he spends hours on the facebook. The problem with him is that he actually loves to spend hours on the facebook but he wants the outcome of that to be something like fitness, good marks in exams, or improvement in his voice! This is really funny. Is it?

No, it is not so funny. It happens with many of us. We are going to the left, but we expect the destination on the right to be reached. This is a conflict of interest. While we are doing something, we forget the destination itself. But, we remember the same after a long time. Then we feel frustrated. For example, we spend many years in sports and then we realise that we are not able to earn enough to purchase a small apartment, whereas our friends have purchased big houses. When we play sports for long, we do not realise that to earn income through sports one has to be exceptional, not like just becoming an average IT programmer!

Similar thing happens with a Yoga Practitioner. One spends years with only Asanas and Breathing, hoping to reach Samadhi State, which comes only through meditation. Thus, it is better to have a goal or goals, that are reasonable. And, then form a proper practice. And, also remember the goal at least frequently. Otherwise, Yoga Practice is full of conflict of interest!

OM ShantiH.

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