Yoga Post 1014 – Material or Spiritual?

A person wishing material prosperity seems to lack satisfaction and knows there is something beyond what he/she has achieved. Thus, a person who has lot to eat thinks whether there is something called Health beyond just eating, a person who is physically healthy looks for peace of mind, and the search for total peace of mind leads one to extra material.

On the other hand, a person who is very interested in mysticism from the start or a person who is focusing on the formless reality knows that he has wishes to enjoy several things directly which are directly perceptible. Thus, a Krishna devotee likes to eat good food, a Vishnu devotee might like to marry a beautiful spouse and even have children or a Sanyasi may like to be honored for his services.

When the king Janaka asked Yajnavalkya whether Yajnavalkya has approached the King to obtain material wealth or to give Spiritual Knowledge to the Court, he answered, “Emperor, both of these!” When Swami Vivekananda did his spiritual work in the West, he definitely had material progress of his poverty stricken brethern in mind.

In Adhiyoga, I am proposing the following:

First watch your own mind and know what are your strong wishes. Do not try to suppress your strong wishes at all. Try to satisfy them in a reasonable way. If the strong wish includes search for spirituality, search. But, if you feel you are not ready for spiritual practice alone, do not give up the materialism completely. Only when the spiritual fire is burning fully, materialism can be burnt. Trying to suppress strong materialism is like trying to lit a wet wood.

OM ShantiH

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