Yoga Post 1013 – Desire, Determination, and Deed

The scriptures describe three stages of human achievement, whether material or spiritual. These are kaama (desire), rutu (determination or promise or pledge), and kaarya (action). Desire means what one wants. If one has no desire, then of course determination is inapplicable and action will be ridiculous. If one has a desire, but no determination, then one is likely to fail in achieving it, especially when the desire is a promising one. Without action, the success would never come for any desire.

We all know that desire is not a big problem for most people. Everyone desires something. Thus, determination and action become important for a Yoga practitioner. Unless a strong determination exists, a strong action would not take place and a promising success is unlikely. Thus, an importance of determination is prime for us.

When the determination is very strong, the action will start automatically, and it is likely to continue till the promising success occurs. As far as the spiritual realisation is concerned, a very strong determination is a must as per the scriptures. tiivrasanvegaanaam aasannah… Yoga Sutras of Patanjali – Chapter 1.

However, the success depends not only on determination, but also on the background of the student, the correctness of actions, and also the environment (aka grace of the almighty). A strong determination needed for a very strong action is not always present. Therefore, in Adhiyoga, I suggest the following:

Initially, have a moderate goal (desire). Keep up the determination needed to achieve it using means such as prayer, resolution, and company of appropriate people. And, act as per your determination, which will be easier.

As the success in the moderate or previous goal comes, step up the desire, determination, and action, thus reaching your goal step by step.

As I mentioned above, desire is not a big problem. Determination is the first nut to crack. And, action is the real hard work. Thus, desire is a must, determination is more important and action is the most important. Doing this step by step is safe and sure way to success for any of your Resolution!

OM ShantiH.

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