Yoga Post 1011 – Where lies the True Happiness?

One person asked me, “Adhiyoga first chapter is on Happiness and the first Sutra states the entire basis of Adhiyoga to be Happiness. But, that assumes that a person knows where he/she will get the happiness. How does one knows where the happiness lies?”

The answer to that question is given in the second Chapter, “Each person forms an individual goal in order to obtain that happiness”. It is very hard to say whether the goal exists first or whether one forms it first newly. But no matter, one forms a goal that is tangible in order to make the happiness concrete. When that goal is achieved one does find some happiness.

But, the original question is very good. Of course one has to know where the happiness for him/her lies, so that one can try for it. And, it is also true that many persons do not know this. That is why they have to learn to form a goal. However, it is the experience that people are so confused, especially in the media driven world, that they are unable to form a goal itself. This definitely is a problem in obtaining the happiness. It is like a person who wants to marry, but unable to decide what kind of person one wants to marry.

Beyond this, there are some other issues. For example, when forms a goal, the goal has to be realistic or reasonable or possible. To form a  goal that is only imaginary will not give a happiness that is to be experienced. At the most, it will give imaginary happiness! If someone forms an image of a potential spouse with qualities that do not exist in one person, one shall have only imaginary spouse!

Only when one really feels that happiness lies beyond this world such as that possibly exist in the Samadhi State, one shall try for that. Moreover, the  practice also has to be in line with that goal. Otherwise, one is talking about Apples while thinking of Oranges!

OM ShantiH.

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