Yoga Post 1009 – Problems Associated with Yoga Teacher Certification

Yes, it is obvious that a Yoga Teacher should have a minimum qualification for teaching Yoga to others! But, what does this qualification mean?

Does it mean that one has a piece of paper that mentions certain designation? Or, does it mean one has a paper given by a person who is considered authority on the subject of Yoga or especially Yoga Teaching? Does it mean one has completed certain number of hours of training? Or, does it mean that one is certified by an authority that a certified one is sure to be able to each a kind of Yoga Class? Does it mean that one is certified to teach in a particular style of teaching or copying only certain methodologies of a teacher? Or, does it mean that a certified teacher is capable of using his/her qualities to make his/her class unique to benefit the given students group?

Is it not important why a particular person wants to become a teacher? If someone wants to become a Yoga Teacher to earn lots of money, should he/she not consult those who hold the certification that the trainee is going to obtain to check how many of them are receiving lots of money? If one wants to improve the health of the society, should he/she not investigate whether training includes a course on health sciences and NOT just an anatomy course to satisfy certain designation? And, so on….

I think one should spend a good deal of energy and time to find out what one wants to do with the training, to investigate whether the desired training is actually given in the course they are applying for, and then decide the training to be attended rather than go by location, convenience, discounts on fees, etc.

OM ShantiH.

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